what we do

Flowchart with 'Client' in the top box with a line going straight down, arrow on either end of the line, towards a box with 'Vescala' written in it. From ‘Vescala’ a line goes straight down before splitting 4 ways to 4 separate boxes, all parallel, with ‘Agency 1’, ‘Agency 2’ etc. written in them – again arrows go both ways from Vescala to the Agency boxes.

what is vescala?

Vescala is a market leading Managed Service Provider operating in both the public and private sector. Utilising our state of the art online platform (vendor management system), Vescala provides an end to end solution for customers to manage the planning, requisition, sourcing, interview and selection, compliance, onboarding, time entry and approval, invoicing, performance management and reporting of temporary workers.  Our system can be configured to the specific needs of individual customers and our experienced support team ensure all your needs are met from through the design phase, implementation and for the duration of your contract.

what does vescala do?

Single Digital Platform

The image shows a laptop and phone with a diagram which summarises what Vescala does. The diagram depicts the Vescala logo in the centre surrounded by 6 red hexagon each with a different word written inside accompanied with an icon to represent the word – Operations, Finance, Commercial, Estimating, Procurement, HR.

how does vescala do it?

5 red hexagons with a word/ term and icon which represents the word: 1.Reduced overheads 2.Operational planning 3.Corporate governance 4.Compliance 5.Performance management

Building on years of experience working with blue chip businesses and labour supply agencies, Vescala has built a logical process around simple intuitive screens. Our MSP provision returns value to all stakeholders through driving efficiencies across the recruitment lifecycle, saving time and costs.

The Vescala Value is driven by five key pillars:

Vescala increases corporate governance through centralisation of Management Information allowing cross departmental information access ensuring one source of the truth. This in turn delivers increased accountability. Financial control is also increased with clear pre-agreed authorisation processes in a number of areas such as requesting new workers or approving pay increases.

Vescala drives savings in multiple areas such as avoidance of penalties for IR35 and modern slavery breaches. By getting the right candidate at the right time we reduce staff turnover which significantly reduced the hidden costs of onboarding. Standardisation of best practices throughout the recruitment process drives down staff costs for both customers and agencies alike and efficiencies in the invoicing processes delivers a reduction in the hours required to reconcile and check invoices.

The Vescala VMS is built to aide businesses with long term Resource Forecasting, aligned with Integrated Business Planning completed in other parts of the organisation. By planning ahead this reduces reactive recruitment and ensures a higher quality of candidate. It also allows improved more accurate resource estimates and provides transparency over potential skills shortages that can be addressed before they become an issue. This workforce planning element therefore provides a much higher level of certainty over delivery allowing customers to meet their objectives.

Vescala provides centralisation of all compliance documentation providing confidence all IR35, AWR, and RTW requirements, at a minimum have been met. The system also has the ability to track safety incidents, providing data for TIR calculations by supplier and site to allow comparisons and performance assessments. As the demand for sustainable activities increases, along with reporting requirements we’ve also developed carbon monitoring functionality to minimise cross travel.

Vescala offer a market leading suite of management information which can be customised for all levels of an organisation. With built in dashboards working alongside customisable report builders, if the data is captured its available for real time analysis. This ensures that rather than looking backwards and analysing previous performance, opportunities for continuous improvement are identified earlier in the process driving better real time decision making.

Ground Up Approach

The diagram shows 3 large boxes in a vertical row, with smaller boxes within them. The top larger box is labelled ‘finance’ with a smaller box which is labelled ‘invoicing’ within it. The box below this is labelled ‘operations’ with 4 smaller boxes inside it labelled ‘timesheet’ ‘placements’ ‘offer & onboarding’ and ‘requirements’. The box below this is labelled ‘setup’ with 4 smaller boxes inside it labelled ‘schedule’ ‘skills’ ‘vendor 1’ ‘vendor 2’ ‘vendor 3’ and ‘users’. The boxes within the larger boxes are arranged in a pyramid shape with ‘invoicing’ at the top.

Our ground up approach drives significant time savings allowing hiring managers to request temporary workers quickly and effectively. With pre-agreed rate cards for skills and sub-skills, compliance workflows and requirements already set up and vendors onboarded, a Hiring Manager can raise a requisition and send to multiple recruitment agencies with just a few clicks with peace of mind that all requirements have been captured. On a similar note, our system set up and integration with timesheet information ensures that output in the form of both customer and supplier invoices are accurate, eliminating the need for checks and reconciliations, an error free invoice.

Management Information

The image shows a laptop and phone with various graphs and charts

Vescala’s reporting and analytics suite provides in depth data to support key decision making at all levels of your organisation. Our customisable dashboards provide different user groups real time information relevant to them, while hundreds of standard reports are available in one click allowing users to look at compliance, costs or agency performance to name but a few.

Hiring Manager

Providing information on expiring compliance certifications, finisher reasons, outstanding timesheets (before submission and approval), operational planning and finisher reasons.

Performance Managment

Assessing the performance of your supply chain in an objective way. Our reports and analytics will provide information of number of candidates submitted and accepted (split by supplier), cancellation rates by supplier, time to submission.

Executive Management

We have developed a suite specifically for senior management pulling out key information to aide strategic decision making and achievement of company objectives. Report include cost to complete versus original budget - what is the total forecasted temporary worker spend now compared to at the project start? Overtime analysis by site, by supplier, safety statistics and EDI Data.

All of our data has drill down capability to allow analysis by project, supplier or job role and can be exported in Microsoft excel for easy offline analysis.