A Neutral MSP: What is it and what are the signs you need one?

A Neutral Managed Service Provider will manage a network of suppliers who will fill 100% your contingent labour requirements. At Vescala we like to talk about a ‘system’ being our online platform, and our ‘service’ being our dedicated and specialist account management team.

We do not manage the fill of your requisitions directly but through a pool of preferred agency suppliers, selected by you. Over time we support with managing the performance of these labour suppliers but if you already have your partners in place we focus on formalising and standardising the relationship with each, improving the quality of worker you receive. As we don’t supply labour ourselves, we manage your supply chain impartially, driving down overall recruitment costs through streamlined processes and rationalised agency fees.

See example structure below: 

How do I know if I need an MSP?

Increased Costs

  • Are your costs continually increasing?
  • Do you miss project targets and budgets?
  • Do you find yourself negotiating over every new role rate/package?

Low Visibility and Control Over Workers and Spend 

  • Are all of your temporary workers identified, categorised and tracked correctly?
  • Do you have visibility over what your contingent workers are being paid, or just what they cost you?
  • Do you automate the approval, hire and timesheet process of your contingent workers?
  • Is all your pay and bill information fully visible and project/task coded?
  • Do you review your contingent workers at extension stage to identify if the role should be contingent or permanent?
  • Are all your contingent workers aligned to a rate card?

Uncertainty on Compliance 

  • Health & Safety issues in your supply chain?
  • Is your screening, referencing and on-boarding process managed compliantly?
  • Do you have contractual adherence for all contingent workers?
  • Do you have a best-in-class screening and on-boarding process, ensuring speed, excellent candidate experience and quality of service throughout?

Old or Non-existent Technology 

  • Do you still use paper-based timesheets?
  • Do your Hiring Managers have to make repetitive phone calls to agencies?
  • Do you have different processes and different technologies depending on what agency you are using?
  • Do you have difficulty or is it time consuming reporting on your KPIs and SLAs to your clients? For example your EDI data?

Poor User Experience Across the Workflow 

  • Are Hiring Managers engaged with your current agencies, using their time effectively?
  • Do you obtain candidate/agency feedback?
  • Do you have a diversity and inclusion programme in place across the business? (and can you track it easily?)
  • Are your recruitment systems and processes designed for the needs of the user group or are they one-size-fits-all?

Deficient Agency Management    

  • Non-standardised rates and terms – do you have workers doing the same role but being paid different amounts?
  • Is there a lack of competition between agencies?
  • Do you currently have strategic partnerships across all your disciplines?
  • Do your current suppliers support you in the delivery of niche areas of recruitment and help drive your diversity and inclusion agenda?
  • Do you measure the success of your suppliers?

If any or all of the above points sound relatable to you, Vescala could be the answer. Bringing together state of the art technology with our dedicated service and expertise is the quickest way to ensure you not only catch up with the competition, but surpass them.

For further information please email info@vescala.com or call 0131 600 0448. 

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